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Successful Motor Startup Solution at National Water Supply Company

Successful Motor Startup Solution at National Water Supply Company.

Israel’s National Water supply company, Mekorot commissioned Elspec to propose an alternative motor startup solution for one of their planned installations. The first challenge was to overcome the high levels of reactive power (kVAr) demand during the start of the large motors, which has a severe impact on the stability of the voltage supply.

The Innovative Power Quality Approach 

Elspec ran a full simulation of the network behavior during the motor startup. The simulation included Equalizer-ST real-time dynamic reactive compensation systems in different sizes, showing how it could effectively address all the outlined requirements at different levels.  The simulation therefore ensured that the Equalizer-ST would optimize the network power quality, meet all the necessary criteria and guarantee a full return on investment prior to installation.

Water Supply Company, Mekorot Israel

Medium Voltage Motor Startup Solution

  • The actual voltage drop at the 22Kv PCC was reduced to 5% during startup, instead of the 10% without compensation – improving by 50%. 
  • The active power during startup became 3.5MW instead of 3MW in DOL. 
  • The necessity to use individual motor soft starters is eliminated.
  • The startup current was significantly reduced from 340 Amp to below 200 Amp – a reduction of 41%.
  • The length of the startup period was reduced by 24% from 4 to 3.04 seconds.