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Elspec’s expanding product range covers every aspect on Power Quality, from Power Quality enhancement systems, Class A Power Quality Analyzers, Digital Fault Recorders and Power Quality Analysis software.

Our innovations optimize electrical power consumption for electrical energy savings and offer comprehensive solutions for Power Quality such as;

power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, harmonic filtration, reduction of reactive power during large motor startups & many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.

The Blackbox Series is the most advanced power quality management system in the market today.

  • Continuous Waveform Recordings
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Quick, Simple and Easy to Use
Embedded with Elspec’s innovative PQZIP patented compression technology all BLACKBOX devices continuously record all the electrical information, allowing you to analyze and monitor over 10,000 electrical parameters in a manageable database storage.  The BLACKBOX provides accurate detection and isolation of the slightest deviations in your electrical systems, thereby optimizing your PQ monitoring for effective and preventive maintenance. The range is perfectly adaptable and flexible to suit almost any need and or specification.
Understand how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, how much you pay for it, and what is the quality of the power you use.   With the BLACKBOX you can improve your equipment productivity and life, reduce your power use and costs, and increase your company's profits through a better understanding of the power driving your operation.

Impact Power Innovation provides the transition from establishing Power Quality consequence and cost baselines into real financial savings through Elspec’s Power Quality Measurement and Solutions Technologies.

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Metering and Protection

Portable devices

Fixed systems


    The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect PQ Analysis solution. 

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    The G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is part of the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. Equipped with PQZIP patented compression technology, it offers the advantages of continuous waveform recordings and is considered as the mid-ranged module of the series.

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    The G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is another addition to the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. It is also PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings, however it is a more compact economical alternative of the series.

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  • DFR

    The BlackBox DFR, a fully featured digital fault recorder embedded with PQZIP technology, is a distributed multi-functional data acquisition device that continuously records all waveform signals at a sampling rate of 1,024 samples per cycle.

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Management Software



    The PQSCADA (Power Quality Management Software Suite), empowers the BLACKBOX device series with an unparalleled data recording capability providing the most accurate detection and isolation of all PQ anomalies for the diagnosis & effective maintenance of equipment.  Zoom in from a year’s wort

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    With PQSCADA Sapphire, you have a single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices providing full functionality and faster performance for data exploration, analysis and visualization

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PQ Solutions

PF Correction

  • Equalizer

    A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions.

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  • Activar

    This system is a cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks.  Capable of delivering compensation at a rate of 1 second or typically 3-4 seconds maximum, the ACTIVAR can deliver an unlimited number of transient-free operations, is a low-cost replacement for elec

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Voltage Control


    The EQUALIZER-TURBO provides ride-through compensation for all three-phases at 0.3pu, voltage dip ΔU 70% for a typical duration of 2 seconds, with no limitations place on voltage swells.   Clients may also specify an even longer duration to meet their individual requirements for production.  This

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    The EQUALIZER-RT is a transient-free static compensation system that has been modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications.  The EQUALIZER-RT is specially designed for wind turbines & to deliver substantial reactive power even during very deep vol

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Motor Startups


    The EQUALIZER-ST has been designed to provide a lucrative solution for the challenges faced during large motor start-ups.  Typically demands during these start-up activities, create reactive currents that are 3-8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period.  Consequently,

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Harmonic Filtering