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Elspec has developed and designed a wide range of real-time power quality enhancement systems.  Our innovations optimize electrical power consumption for electrical energy savings & offer comprehensive solutions for power quality such as: power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, harmonic filtration, reduction of reactive power during large motor start-ups & many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.

  • Equalizer

    A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions.

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  • Activar

    This system is a cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks.  Capable of delivering compensation at a rate of 1 second or typically 3-4 seconds maximum, the ACTIVAR can deliver an unlimited number of transient-free operations, is a low-cost replacement for elec

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    The EQUALIZER-TURBO provides ride-through compensation for all three-phases at 0.3pu, voltage dip ΔU 70% for a typical duration of 2 seconds, with no limitations place on voltage swells.   Clients may also specify an even longer duration to meet their individual requirements for production.  This

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    The EQUALIZER-RT is a transient-free static compensation system that has been modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications.  The EQUALIZER-RT is specially designed for wind turbines & to deliver substantial reactive power even during very deep vol

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    The EQUALIZER-ST has been designed to provide a lucrative solution for the challenges faced during large motor start-ups.  Typically demands during these start-up activities, create reactive currents that are 3-8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period.  Consequently,

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