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The EQUALIZER-ST has been designed to provide a lucrative solution for the challenges faced during large motor start-ups.  Typically demands during these start-up activities, create reactive currents that are 3-8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period.  Consequently, this leads to a voltage drop in the local network that is not designed to withstand these temporary high currents.  The EQUALIZER-ST reduces voltage drops, demanded current & dynamically compensates for the high reactive energy demand, only for the required time-period.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Optimizes System Performance by Minimizing the Motor's Startup Period;
  • Attractive Return On Investment per KVAr as opposed to other Conventional Solutions;
  • Avoids Unnecessary Wear to the Motor & Extends the Motor's Life Expectancy;
  • Significantly Reduces the Startup Current, thus Securing a Safe & Succesful Motor Startup;
  • Centralized Solution - One EQUALIZER-ST System Serves any Number of Motors, Assuming Startup Occurs not Simultaneously;
  • Mitigates Voltage Sags - at Given Voltage Sag Magnitude, for Required Startup Period;
  • Improve Network Power Quality with Harmonic Filtering & Transient-Free Switching Technology;
  • Maintain Voltage Levels at Required Distribution Code levels for the Required Period;
  • Ensure the Successful Startup of Generators/Motors;
  • Minimize the Voltage Drop of the Generator/Motor Startup;
  • Prolong the Life Expectancy of Generators/Motors;
  • Minimize the Adverse Effects of Reverse Power Flow;
  • Maintain Satisfactory Levels of Thermal Elements;
  • Minimize / Downsize Generator Installations;  
  • Avoid Down-Times & Production Losses Caused by Power-Failures during Motor Startups;
  • Reduce Voltage Drops During Motor Startups to the Required Levels;
  • Save Money with a Cost-Effective Centralized Solution - 1 EQUALIZER-ST Serves Many Motors;
  • Reduce Startup Current to Required Levels;
  • Protect Valuable Equipment;
  • Minimize the Startup Period Drastically;    




Low Voltage Systems



Medium Voltage - Low Voltage System Designed to Control Reactive Energy Using a Step-Up Transformer


380 V - 690 V

50 Hz or 60 Hz



50 Hz or 60 Hz

Startup Period Up to 30 Seconds
Ambient Temperature Limits

- 10 ºC up to 40 ºC

Capacitors Low Loss, Self Healing - IEC 831-1/2
Protection Class IP 20 / NEMA 1 (Other on Request)
Controller Display

5" Graphic LCD

High Visibility (FSTN)

Durable LED Backlight

Design Galvanized Steel Sheet Cabinet
Enclosure Finish

Epoxy Powder Coated

Grey RAL 7032 (Other on Request)

Internal Parts Rust-Proof Alu Zinc
EMC Standards

EN 50081-2

EN 50082-2

EN 55011

EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5

ENV 50204

ENV 50141

Safety Standards

EN 61010-1

EN 60439-1


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