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The BLACKBOX device series is the next generation in power quality analyzers. Backed by PQZIP patented compression technology all BLACKBOX devices continuously record all the electrical information, allowing you to analyze & monitor over 10,000 electrical parameters in manageable database storage.  The BLACKBOX provides accurate detection & isolation of the slightest deviations in your electrical systems, thereby optimizing your PQ monitoring for effective & preventive maintenance. The range is perfectly adaptable & flexible to suit almost any need & or specification. Understand how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, how much you pay for it, & what is the quality of the power you use.   With the BLACKBOX you can improve your equipment productivity & life, reduce your power use & costs, & increase your company's profits.

  • DFR

    The BlackBox DFR, a fully featured digital fault recorder embedded with PQZIP technology, is a distributed multi-functional data acquisition device that continuously records all waveform signals at a sampling rate of 1,024 samples per cycle.

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