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Fixed Systems

The fixed BLACKBOX device series has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate solution for fixed and permanent power quality monitoring.  
The BLACKBOX family is PQZIP enabled, allowing for continuous recording capabilities in a manageable storage space. 
This capability makes it quick and easy to install and if required free from any thresholds. 
The BLACKBOX far surpasses the requirements for IEC 61000-4-30 class A, and is able to capture the finest details and deviations in power quality parameters. 
It also features a precise device synchronization algorithm allowing for the control, comparison and analysis of time-synchronized data recorded by any number of BLACKBOX devices within a particular site or across many sites.  
The range covers all aspects from digital fault recording, to power quality analyzers and smart meters.


    The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect PQ Analysis solution. 

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    The G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is part of the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. Equipped with PQZIP patented compression technology, it offers the advantages of continuous waveform recordings and is considered as the mid-ranged module of the series.

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    The G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is another addition to the G4K BLACKBOX fixed device series. It is also PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings, however it is a more compact economical alternative of the series.

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