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Management Software

Elspec has developed a full range of power quality applications & system aids, geared to meet the needs and requirements of individual users. 
Elspec's software is intuitive, easy to use and compatible for system integration. 
The versatility of the range optimizes all operations in the management of power quality data, testing of instruments and the control of data in a manageable, cost effective and secured network environment.


    The PQSCADA (Power Quality Management Software Suite), empowers the BLACKBOX device series with an unparalleled data recording capability providing the most accurate detection and isolation of all PQ anomalies for the diagnosis & effective maintenance of equipment.  Zoom in from a year’s wort

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    With PQSCADA Sapphire, you have a single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices providing full functionality and faster performance for data exploration, analysis and visualization

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