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The PQSCADA (Power Quality Management Software Suite), empowers the BLACKBOX device series with an unparalleled data recording capability providing the most accurate detection and isolation of all PQ anomalies for the diagnosis & effective maintenance of equipment.  Zoom in from a year’s worth of continuously recorded data to less than a millisecond in order to identify power quality details for over 10,000 parameters.  Simplify troubleshooting with full management & control over time synchronized data from any number of BLACKBOX devices, within a particular site or across many sites.  The PQSCADA & associated Investigator Software Applications offer a wide range of options & adaptations for configuration making it extremely versatile to meet the needs & requirements of individual users.

  • Software Description
  • Software Features
  • Security
  • Prerequisites
  • Specifications
The PQSCADA PQ software has been designed to specifically manage all aspects of PQ data.  The software forms the heart of the BLACKBOX device series & may be connected to an infinite number of devices.  The flow of PQ data can be described as follows:
PQSCADA collects all waveform data that has been continuously recorded in the compressed PQZIP file format;
The data is processed and organized for quick access and storage.  A wide range of electrical parameters are then calculated based on the raw PQZIP data. The reorganized PQZIP data, and the calculated parameters with statistics included, are stored and available on the network for later retrieval;
All the electrical information, including event flagging & notifications are delivered over a number of communication gateways. This feature includes report exports in various compatible formats such as COMTRADE, PQDIF, CSV, RTF, HTML, PDF, etc.;
Detailed data can be easily analyzed by any number of clients at any location.  The Investigator Software provides an immediate, comprehensive and understandable picture of everything that happened within the network;
Identify, monitor & analyze the finest PQ Data detail, from trends, Volts, Amps, Hz, events, harmonics, THD, flicker, power, energy, statistics etc. With the PQZIP Upload Manager, all PQ Data is rapidly uploaded & retrieved in PQZIP compressed file format to any remote server in a manageable database storage.

All the electrical information such as event flagging, notifications, reports can be automatically exported or sent in various compatible formats over any number of communication gateways. This atomization feature can be based on any specification, resolution, or unique setting, at any time schedule.  Automated functions include:

1. PARAMETER EXPORTS:  This feature makes the BLACKBOX highly compatible enabling users to share PQ data with other users or SCADA systems.  Exports are available in CSV / Excel /PQDIF/COMTRADE file formats.  PQ data may include user-selected parameters, based either on events/schedule, at any desired resolution;

2. AUTOMATED REPORT GENERATOR: The automated report generator, generates a wide range of PQ Reports & can also be based on customized PQ Compliance configurations;

3.  ENERGY REPORTS:   This function combines the TOU configuration output file (produced by the TOU configuration utility) with the amount & makeup (Active or Reactive) of the Net Energy (Received – Delivered) produced/consumed by a site in order to calculate the energy produced/consumed in a TOU calender report profile;

4.  AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS:   Easily set requirements or parameters for automatic notifications on any electrical event.  These notifications can be sent via a variety of communication means:  E-Mail, SMS, Pop-Ups etc;

5.  DEVICE FIRMWARE & CONFIGURATION UPDATES:   This function is mainly used to automatically update a large number of BLACKBOX devices within a network.  The tasks automatically updates the devices via the PQSCADA with any Firmware / Configuration files;

The PQSCADA is equipped with Built-In Tools aimed to correct incorrect configurations & system installations.  This is particularly helpful when dealing with misconfigurations & system setup for either an individual unit or a large number of units.  Correct incorrect Clamp Setups, or PT & CT Ratios or simply Reverse Polarities & more..  Tools include:

  • Swap-Phases:  The Swap phases operation allows you to swap data between two different voltage phases and neutral, as well as, current phase;
  • Add Calculation Factor to Parameters: This option allows you to add caculation factors in order to make CT/PT corrections & recalculate all the parameters.  The recalcuations occurs within the period that you will stipulate;
  • Reverse Polarity:  This feature allows you to toggle polarities for all the Voltage & Current channels without the necessity of rewiring the system;
  • Time Settings:  As with any system setups,  incorrect time setups can have a negative impact on network device synchronization.  This feature easily corrects these setting regardless whether it may be individual /  SNTP network synchronization errors;
A unique time synchronization algorithm assures that logged data from multiple units is synchronized & displayed on the same time scale with typical 0.1 ms resolution. Every event on a grid is accurately analyzed for precise root cause analysis, behavior propagation, and traced to its source;
The PQSCADA is equipped with an integrated security module for full IT security management from the administrator, operator to the viewer of PQ data. 


  • Provide access only to authorized users;                                                
  • Prevent data leakage;
  • Prevent damage to the database - such as misconfigurations, node/site removal;

The security is easily managed by using the User Manager Module & include user accounts such as:


Account reserved for major administration & all the system functions, including setting security modules, accounts, system upgrades, report engine, server setups & configurations;

This account is used for common operations, such as task creations, component creations, database & general functions;

Account reserved on for viewing PQ data reports, system logs, connecting & disconnecting to servers

Minimum PC Requirements for the BLACKBOX PQSCADA Software are:


Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
Universal platform developed by Microsoft that provides identical functions for a variety of languages (C#, Visual Basic, Java). It is also designed to facilitate development of web applications. (Enable communication between clients and servers);


The aforementioned including:
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
A Universal platform developed by Microsoft that provides identical functions for a variety of languages (C#, Visual Basic, Java). It is also designed to facilitate development of web applications. (Enable communication between clients and servers);

Windows Powershell 2.0
Microsoft's task automation framework, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on top of, and integrated with the .NET Framework. PowerShell provides full access to COM and WMI, enabling administrators to perform administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems;

Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5
Application installation and configuration service for Windows;

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