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Power Quality and Energy Efficiency

Power Quality and Energy Efficiency

An Innovative Approach

Impact Power Innovations leading edge technologies, systematic consulting and engineering approach to identify Power Quality related consequences; reduce losses and sustain real savings for all sectors of power users and power suppliers.

Establishing a Power Quality consequence and cost fingerprint for any site is the key step in driving reliability and engineering value back into power networks.  Impact Power Innovations provide the transition from establishing Power Quality consequence and cost baselines into real financial value through leading edge Elspec Power Quality Measurement and Solutions Technologies.

Power Quality Impact Assessments

Different industries have varying perceptions of how Power Quality affects the reliability of the operation.  It is vitally important when conducting Power Quality Impact Assessments to look beyond theoretical and technical impacts of poor power quality.  Every effort as far practical should be made to draw correlation and congruity between perceived customer operation implications and power quality data.  The Technical Loss considerations, Power Cost (kVA/kVAR) reductions and any form of quantified operational loss analysis serve as a sound basis for investment into Power Quality Solutions.

Energy is supplied on a continuous cycle by cycle basis, naturally PQ analysis and loss analysis should be done on a cycle by cycle basis for an accurate representation of the performance of a power network. This is the principle distinctive offering by Impact Power Innovations and the Elspec Product and service portfolio.  

The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough that provides the perfect Power Quality analysis solution. The built-in capabilities of the series are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs and requirements for almost any application.

The Innovative and Systematic Power Quality Approach

A formal engagement with Impact Power Innovations, on an innovative systematic PQ approach ensures the following key deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Power Quality Study
    Using Elspec’s G4K cycle-by-cycle continuous measurement devices and patented PQZIP compression technology, permanent fixed or temporary rental meters
  • Power Quality Modelling and Loss Analysis
    Through a combination of network parameter modelling and cycle by cycle measurements, Elspec are able to produce highly accurate simulations of system technical losses
  • Power Quality Solution Conceptual Offering
  • Present a loss analysis and business case evaluation
    Technical, kVA/kVAR & Operational losses
  • Obtain approval on designs and prepare for procurement and execution phase
  • Official report for Energy Saving (after solution implementation)
  • Power Quality Metering and Solution Routine Reporting and Maintenance
    This is supplementary/optional to support key personnel in ensuring that benefits and value realised

PQ Solutions

Elspec has developed and designed a wide range of real-time power quality enhancement systems.

Our innovations optimize power consumption for electrical energy savings & offer comprehensive solutions for power quality such as;
Power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, harmonic filtration, reduction of reactive power during large motor startups & many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.

World Wide Innovator in Power Quality

Impact Power Innovations team of professionals with extensive experience in electrical engineering are ready to provide a tailor-made strategy that will enable a sustainable and efficient use of your electrical energy.