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Industry depends on the quality and reliability of electricity supplied. Business’s from office blocks to the factory floor have become vulnerable to power quality anomalies

Avoiding down-time, getting to the root-cause of power failures, protecting equipment, securing electrical energy, almost anything to do with the quality of your electric network is our business.  

Impact Power Innovations team of professional electrical engineers and technical management personnel have extensive experience in developing and implementing power quality solutions for the industrial, commercial and the utility sectors.

Some of the more substantial installations include data centres, plastic and silicon factories, electrical utilities, commercial buildings, car manufacturers, healthcare centres, port authorities and more. Elspec has developed and designed a wide range of real-time power quality enhancement systems.

Our innovations optimize power consumption for electrical energy savings & offer comprehensive solutions for power quality such as, Monitoring and Protection, Voltage Control, Motor Startup, Harmonic Filtering and Power Factor Correction.

Elspec Active Industries

Welding Machines

Spot welding loads fluctuate extremely rapidly and consume large amounts of reactive power. Due to high current changes caused by the near-instantaneous reactive energy consumption, large voltage drops are produced. These sags reduce weld quality and decrease welding productivity. Additionally, these loads often create a high incidence of voltage flickering, which frequently exceeds weldong-machinesrecommended IEEE limits. Elspec’s real-time EQUALIZER benefits:

  • Improve Welding Quality & Reduce Scrap/Reprocessing
  • Increase Production Output
  • Reduce Voltage Flickering
  • Stabilize the Network Voltage
  • Optimize the Use of your Existing Power Structure
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs


Plastic Injection Moulding

plastic injection moulding

Due to widely varying unsynchronized load conditions, plastic injection moulding applications have rapid & inconsistent reactive energy requirements. Power supply failure during a production cycle can cause enormous financial and physical damage caused by plastic cooling inside the machines. Besides reducing overall system energy losses, Elspec’s EQUALIZER solution drastically reduces the risk for such an event by stabilizing the current and voltage levels in the facility on a cycle-by-cycle basis

  • Reduce Clean-up Costs, Raw Material Losses & Loss of Production
  • Improve Consistency & Quality of Product
  • Avoid Plastic Cooling Inside Machinery
  • Stabilize Voltage & Current Levels Cycle-X-Cycle

Harbour Cranes

The complete operation cycle of harbour cranes is approximately one minute. During this time, the crane requires variable amounts of reactive energy, fluctuating rapidly throughout the entire crane cycle. The Elspec EQUALIZER’s real-time solution:

  • Stabilize Voltage Fluctuations
  • Reduce Currents
  • Smaller Service Installations (Less Cable = Reduced Heat)
  • Reduce System Losses
  • Save Energy

Electric Trains

Electric rail lines have long power distribution systems and rapid load changes, leading to substantial voltage drops and voltage flickering. The Elspec EQUALIZER system

  • Provide Voltage Support to the Distribution Network
  • Stabilize Network Power
  • Compensate for Both Inductive & Capacitive Loads
  • Prevent Low Power Factor Penalties
  • Minimize System Losses & Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Network Loading Capabilities

Hospitals, High-rises and Other Commercial Buildings

hospitalsMost commercial buildings have significant load variations caused by elevators, air conditioning equipment and other rapidly changing loads. Further, today’s medical equipment, computers and other sensitive loads can be damaged by spikes caused by conventional capacitor systems.


  • Stabilize the Facility Load
  • Eliminates Spikes caused by capacitor switching
  • Highly Reliable System – High MTBF Value & Maintenance-Free
  • Increase Life Expectancy of Sensitive Equipment
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increases available power for new loads on existing infrastructure

Wind Energy

Wind turbine generators have become a significant contributor to power generation throughout the world. As a result, utility regulations for wind turbines have become more constrained, and now require stable voltage, reactive energy supply to the network and voltage control to support network failures. The Elspec EQUALIZER-W is specifically engineered for the wind energy market, and features communication protocols that match its controller to the algorithms of leading wind turbine manufacturers worldwide

wind energy

  • Voltage Control Feature that ensures the Wind Farm Meets Grid Code Compliance
  • Unique Design that can be Suited to the Wind Turbine’s Internal Structure
  • Central & Individual Compensation Solution for the whole Wind Farm
  • Central Dynamic Control System According to Specific Conditions
  • Guarantee Consistency of Power Supply
  • Control Power Factor Automatically & Completely
  • Worldwide Installations over 1000 Units with Leading Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the Industry


(Emergency Standby, Parallel & Stand-Alone Operation)
Use of generators for local power generation for normal facility operations and emergency back-up have become much more prevalent in recent years. All types of generators can benefit from power factor compensation provided by the EQUALIZER.
The only Power Factor Correction Equipment that can switch between Utility Power and Standby Generator Plant.

  • Real-Time Compensation Increase Generation Operation
  • Increase Usable Power
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Program Power Factor Individually based on Generator’s Operation Mode, Utility & Local Generator
  • Reduce Costs of Multiple Generators in Tandem Usage
  • Minimize / Downsize Generator Installations

Marine Vessels

  • Increase Usable Power
  • Reduce the Vessel’s Fuel Consumption
  • Minimize/Downsize Generator Installations
  • Stabilize the Voltage
  • Reduce System Losses
  • Filter & Prevent PQ Distortions & Events
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Benefit from Real-Time Power Factor Compensation
  • Stable & Reliable System – High MTBF Value that is Maintenance-Free
  • Modular Design, Adaptable to any Customized Vessel’s Structure
  • Increase Reliability & Life Expectancy of Sensitive Equipment On-Board (Electronics/NAV etc.)

Motor Start-up

Typically demands during motor start-up activities, create reactive currents that are 3-8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period. Effective reactive compensation needs to occur not only during start-up period, but during steady-state period as well.

motor start-up

When connected directly to the line, large squirrel-case inductive motors consume very high current during the start-up period (six times higher than steady state operation). This high current consumption can lead to significant voltage drops on both the low and high voltage sides of the transformer, which interfere with other loads, reduce initial torque and increase start-up time. The EQUALIZER system tracks the reactive current and fully compensates it in 2/3 cycle typical, offering the following benefits:

  • Protection against voltage drop on the main service
  • Capability to central-start all loads, avoiding the use of individual starters commonly used to protect against voltage drop
  • Direct connection of motors to main service, obtaining maximum torque during start-ups. This benefit is unique to the EQUALIZER solution, as starters of all types typically reduce the current going through the motor, thereby reducing the starting torque.

Mines & Mineral Processing

The Mineral & Mining Industry faces enormous challenges in today’s economy. One of the biggest obstacles is the effective management of operating expenses. Therefore, the reduction in energy costs takes the highest priority in securing, maintaining & building a sustainable business.

Most facilities are located in rural areas, making them susceptible to a lower quality in their power supply. As a consequence, this severely constrains production & impedes their ability to achieve their intended business objectives. Another contributing factor, is the industry’s dependence on large loads. Mills, conveyers & pumps are powered by high capacity electric motors that are heavily reliant on a constant & good power supply.

Elspec’s wide range of Power Quality Solutions have been designed to specifically address the needs of the industry.



  • Monitor & Analyse all Electrical Information Continuously in a Manageable Database Storage;
  • Choose from a Wide Range of Class A Power Quality Analysers & Digital Fault Recorders to suit your needs
  • Easily Deploy Monitoring Equipment that are free from any Thresholds
  • Optimize Production Efficiency & Protect Equipment with Comprehensive Electrical Data
  • Effectively plan Plant Expansions
  • Analyse Network Data at any Location, over any number of Communication Gateways
  • Utilize Comprehensive Records for Electric Bill Inconsistencies, Insurance Purposes & Negotiations with Power Providers



  • Avoid Interruptions in the Production Process & ultimately Poor Production Quality
  • Reduce & Eliminate the Need for Independent Power Generation that Compensates for Inconsistencies
  • Prevent Malfunctions & Reduce Maintenance Costs of Equipment



  • Deploy Inexpensive Centralized Motor Start-up Solutions for High & Low Voltage
  • Provides Fast Centralized &Reactive Power Compensation;
  • Reduce Start-up Period
  • Start-up Several Motors – (Different Types)
  • Motor Torque Improvement
  • Mitigate Voltage Sags to Specified Levels
  • Improve the Overall Quality of the Network with Transient-Free Switching
  • Reduce the Start-up Current Significantly
  • Ensure the Successful Start-up of the Motors



  • Resolve all your Reactive Power Needs Effortlessly & at Low Maintenance
  • Minimize Instabilities & Maximize the Stability in Production During Load Changes
  • Optimize Electric Power Utilization from Existing Transformers & Generators
  • Avoid Power Penalties & Lower Electricity Costs



  • Minimize the Site’s Vulnerability to Failures
  • Curtail Wear & Tear on Equipment & Cables
  • Avoid System Overheating & Energy Losses