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Power Quality Energy Saving Solutions

A comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program is the key to success for any energy supplier or consumer, regardless of their size.

  • Impact Power leading edge technologies, systematic consulting and engineering approach to identify Power Quality related consequences, results in the reduction of losses and sustains real savings for all sectors of power users and power suppliers

Poor Power Quality Implications:

  • Energy Losses
  • Downtime
  • Service Utilization
  • Lost Production
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Product Quality

Energy Saving Solutions

energy saving project

The Power of Saving Money in 4 Small Stages

1 Measurements

Project Technologies

On-Site Technical Investigation

  • Define scope with client
  • Audit team to detail energy/load centres on site
  • Install Elspec BlackBox Power Quality Recorders to Investigate site power from the main utility incomer through to load centre distribution boards to monitor and record ALL the Power and Power Quality Parameters in high definition between 1 & 7 days (7 days to capture full operational load)
  • Investigate all loads on site (motors/air-conditioning etc.)

Formulate a Base Line Energy Measurement

The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect Power Quality Analysis solution.
Its’ enhanced capabilities are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs and requirements for almost any business and, or application.

Continuous Waveform Recordings - Exclusive only to the BLACKBOX.

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Perliminary short measurements

2 Simulation

 - Long terms Measurements
 - Saving evaluation report (carried out with Elspec’s Unique Simulation Software)

Develop an Energy Roadmap Strategy & Feedback Session

  1. Present findings to management team
  2. Energy Cost & Profile – Existing
    Power Factor
    Power Quality
    Supply Reliability
  3. Impact on Production / Business Process
  4. Proposed Interventions Detailed Design – Project Value and ROI
  5. Implementation Plan

long term measurements simulation

3 Project Implementation

The correct solutions are chosen based on the following criteria:

 - Cycle-by-cycle reactive power compensation
   (total acquisition time of 5-20mSec)
 - Transient-Free Solid-state Capacitors Switching
 - Power Quality – prevalent to this network
 - Harmonic Filtration Requirements
 - Prevention of Voltage drops: Load or Network Related
 - Reduction of Voltage Flickering
 - Enhancement of local generation capacity
   (i.e., diesel generators and windmills)

Due to the avoidance of voltage drops and improvement in supply stability, the voltage can be reduced by tap changer without deterioration of the supply

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energy saving project implementation

4 M&V - Verification of Savings

An important function within a project is to verify the improvement & savings against the project scope:

  • Elspec BlackBox recorders will be installed for a pre-determined time period Pre & Post the implementation of the project
  • The actual verified Energy reduction will be documented
  • Impact on Production / Business Process will be verified
  • Project Handover

verfification of savings info

verfification of savings 1 verfification of savings 2

Post Implementation – Continuous Management

Impact Power Innovations has the power management solutions that will enable you to achieve a sustainable and efficient use of your electrical energy.

save on power and money

Impact Power Innovations will provide a tailor-made strategy suitable for your facility to:

  • Manage and implement your energy management program effectively
  • Reduce energy consumption and detect electric bill inconsistencies
  • Protect valuable equipment
  • Improve customer and employee comfort
  • Generate revenues through demand response
  • Help achieve corporate sustainability goals
  • Reduce your maintenance and downtime costs