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Advantages of using High Resolution, Continuous PQ Analyser in Solar Farms

Advantages of using High Resolution, Continuous PQ Analyser in Solar Farms

The number of Wind Turbine and Photo Voltaic manufacturers for energy producing farms worldwide is increasing. There is a growing need for continuous PQ monitoring at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC).

The Innovative Power Quality Approach 

Electrical parameters fluctuate continuously and depend on many factors such as wind and sun.  Installing Continuous, high resolution recording and monitoring devices in PCC location enables the utility and/or the farm operators to ensure compliance with the grid requirements. Experience shows us that many PQ events that are within the permitted range, can still be a source of problem to the energy producers and consumers which many times are a source for PQ investigation and thorough post event analysis. The ideal way for analysing the above abnormalities is with the use of a Class-A PQA capable of continuously recording & retaining all network parameters for a long period at a high resolution, including waveform. This kind of PQA should enable the investigation and presentation of all electrical parameters based on the applicable industry standards.

Photovoltaic Farm

Power Quality Analysis and Energy Optimisation

  • The measurements show anomalies that are still within the the PQ standards range and therefore would not have been recorded by another PQ analyser that does not have continuous high resolution recording and retention of waveform such as the Elspec G4K BlackBox.
  • Real time Power Quality monitoring and analysis
  • Record all data without the need to set any triggers or thresholds